Adverbs (Grammar)

We use adverbs to add more information about a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or a sentence.

Use of adverbs

  • to modify verbs

Our football team played badly last week.

  • to modify adjectives

It was an extremely good weather on Saturday.

  • to modify adverbs

The rangers played extremely badly last Friday.

  • to modify quantities

There were quite a lot of people there last night.

  • to modify sentences

Unfortunatelythey did not manage to get there on time.

Adverbs have many different functions. They are particularly important for indicating the time, manner, place, degree, and frequency of something.

Forming adverbs

We can frequently form adverbs from adjectives. This can often be done by simply adding -ly.

If the adjective ends in -y, change -y to -i. Then add -ly:

  • happy – happily

exception: shy – shyly

If the adjective ends in -le, the adverb ends in -ly:

  • terrible – terribly
  • responsible – responsibly
  • simple – simply

If the adjective ends in -e, then add -ly:

  • safe – safely

Some adjectives are irregular:

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