Past Simple – grammar

  • It is used when we want to talk about something that happened or existed in the past, and such action is finished.
  • We usually add suffix -ed, -d (walk -> walked, love -> loved), or we use the suitable form of the irregular verb (do -> did, go -> went)
  • Some consonants are doubled: stop -> stopped, travel -> travelled
  • When we ask, we have to use did at the beginning of the sentence, the core verb remains the basic form:

    Did you do it? -> Yes, I did it. x No, I didn’t do it.

     NO: Did your parents visited the theatre?                  

  • When we create a negative sentence, we have to use the auxiliary didn’t or did not; the core verb remains the basic form.

     I didn’t see the film.

    She did not finish her homework.

   NO: She didn’t cleaned her room.

  • The verb to be has a specific form (was/wasn’t/was not – I, he, she, it; were/weren’t/were not – you, we, they).

 I was there. – I wasn’t/was not there. – Was I there?

 You were there. – You weren’t/were not there. – Were you there?

Use of Past Simple:

  1. Something that happened or existed in the past, and it is finished, simple statements:

    She had a wonderful house by the beach.

    Ben took the train to get there.

    I lived in New York.

I played football yesterday.

Past Simple tense – Yesterday I played football.
  • Hypothetical situations in present or future:

   If I had more free time, I would try knitting.

   If she knew the book, she could discuss it with us.

  • Several actions that finished (we use it when describing the past, storytelling):

   I came home from work, ate dinner and went to sleep early.

  When my parents returned from holiday, they called their friends.

  • Repeated actions in the past and habits:

   When Bob was little, he played volleyball every Friday.

  • Polite questions and requests in the present:

   Could you take care of Mary and Joe?

  • Specific words – yesterday, ago, last night/week/month/year, last Wednesday.

   Last Monday, I went to see my doctor.

   We cooked dinner yesterday!

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